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1:1 Coaching  
It's All About You!

This is for you if you want to get clear on a few health challenges that have been niggling you and you don't feel that a 6 week or 6 month option is best for you at this time


This is100% personalised coaching so it truly is all about YOU!

You tell me what YOU would like to work on and that’s our focus.

  • Maybe you have concerns about your hormones?

  • Maybe you have trouble sleeping?

  • Are you overwhelmed about what and when to eat?

  • Are you confused about why your body shape is changing despite the fact that you exercise and eat well?

  • Have you noticed some changes in your blood tests and know that you can make improvements but need some guidance?

  • Are you more forgetful, anxious or moody than you used to be?

  • Would you like someone to listen to you, understand you, and put it all in simple easy to understand steps for you to follow?


All the Goodness......

1. Two online coaching sessions (50 minutes each)


2. Written follow up of each session along with selected resources (chosen to suit you). As an example these could include:

  • gut health

  • thyroid health

  • liver protocol


3. Masterclass recording of your choice

You select from:

  • Adrenal Abundance

  • Effortless Eating

  • Perimenopause and Beyond

  • Insulin Resistance

  • The Resilient Gut

  • Chronic Inflammation

Your Investment in You: $297.00

"Ignite" Coaching Package
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