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Functional Testing

Functional testing offers several benefits for your health by providing precise information about your body's unique needs, which eliminates guesswork and allows for targeted interventions rather than relying on trial and error. By identifying specific imbalances or deficiencies, functional testing enables quicker and more effective treatments, helping you feel better sooner. It also saves money by allowing you to invest in the right nutrition and supplements tailored to your needs, avoiding unnecessary or ineffective products. This personalised approach ensures that your treatments and lifestyle changes are specifically suited to your individual health profile. Additionally, early detection of potential health problems through functional testing allows for preventative measures, reducing the risk of more serious conditions developing later.

Select the test which would be of the most benefit to you. For more information about each of the tests simply click on the appropriate button below.  All test kits will be mailed to your chosen address and saliva/urine/stool samples are collected in the privacy of your own home.  No need to visit a clinic. Your samples are collected and analysed by Australia’s leading pathology laboratories who are accredited by the National Association Testing Authority (NATA). Your results are interpreted by experienced medical professionals meaning you can be confident of a safe and reliable service.​​

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