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1:1 Coaching  
It's All About You!

This is100% personalised coaching so it truly is all about YOU!

  • Do you have concerns about your hormones?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping?

  • Are you overwhelmed about what and when to eat?

  • Are you confused about why your body shape is changing despite the fact that you exercise and eat well?

  • Have you noticed some changes in your blood tests and know that you can make improvements but need some guidance?

  • Are you tired?

  • Is your cycle all over the place or painful?

  • Are you more forgetful, anxious or moody than you used to be?

  • Do you feel disregarded and unheard when you visit your GP?

  • Do you just "know" something is not right and you want to feel better?

  • Are you perimenopausal?

  • Did your mother have a rough time during perimenopause or menopause

  • Do you want to feel energetic and vital for your entire life?

  • Would you like someone to listen to you, understand you, and put it all in simple, easy to understand steps for you to implement?


What's included:

1. Three online coaching sessions (45 minutes each) conducted within a six week period. 

2. Analysis of recent blood tests and/or functional tests.

3. Symptomatic analysis of your hormone, liver and gut health.

4. Recommendations for functional testing of above if required. (Functional tests incur an additional cost)

5. Email follow up of each session along with relevant resources and recipes 

Your investment in you: $385.00

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