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Celebrate Your Next Chapter

"Flourish Beyond" is about honouring and celebrating the incredible transition into your  post-menopausal phase of life. This program is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to embrace this new chapter with grace, vitality, and a connection to the lunar cycle.

Flourish Beyond recognises the interconnectedness of our bodies, minds, and spirits, and acknowledges the cyclical nature of life and the universe. 


By  embracing  this perspective, either as a woman who is menstruating or as a post-menopausal woman who has ceased to menstruate this allows you to cultivate greater harmony and balance in your life.

By joining Flourish Beyond you will enjoy:

  • Fortnightly online 1:1 wisdom-sharing sessions (duration: 45 minutes) so you have the opportunity to ask questions and expand your understanding after listening to the Flourish Beyond learning experience. Dates and times of these sessions will be confirmed after joining.

  • Daily email messages including resources, inspiration and valuable prompts (total of 20 messages over a four week program).

  • Cyclical nutritional support with an emphasis on nourishing whole foods to support bone health, metabolism, cognitive health, gut health, hormone regulation and overall vitality (including recipes).

  • A cyclical Flourish Beyond movement guide to suit your interests.

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  • Mindfulness and grounding practices to cultivate inner peace, reduce stress and nourish your hormones in a cyclical way.

  • Journal prompts encouraging you to explore your inner wisdom and knowing so that you feel confident and more easily trust in yourself.

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Just as the lunar cycle waxes and wanes, so do the various phases of your post-menopausal experience. Together we delve into the reasons behind any concerns or apprehensions you may have about this stage, and discover insights on how to navigate these emotions and physical changes. 

Flourish Beyond guides you through the lunar-inspired rhythms of self-care,

nourishment, creativity, movement and renewal and provides you with a gentle and empowering framework to navigate this chapter with intention and purpose.

As you journey beyond menopause, you may reflect on the changes your body has undergone and wonder about the significance of this new phase.

Flourish Beyond allows you to explore the depths of this transformation, uncovering the beauty and wisdom that it brings. We invite you to consider how the lunar cycle, with its cyclical nature, mirrors the cycles of life and can provide a guiding light through your post-menopausal years thus imbuing confidence and vitality.

  • Tracking charts supporting you to be mindful of your energy, nutrition, emotions, sleep and thoughts supporting you to identify personal patterns. With this information you will be able to see the opportunity to make small changes that lead to big differences. 

  • The discovery of "one-percenters" that will have you feeling 100%.

  • A beautiful treasure box as a "thank you" from me to you.

Why you will love this program

Cyclical living offers a dynamic framework for nurturing your overall well-being during your post-menopausal years. The principles of cyclical living offer valuable guidance for supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

  • Honouring Internal Rhythms: Post-menopausal women continue to experience natural cycles, albeit without menstruation. Cyclical living encourages you to remain attuned to your internal rhythms, including energy fluctuations and emotional changes, which can have an impact on daily activities, self-care practices, and relationships.

  • Embracing Transition: Post-menopause is a significant life transition. By applying cyclical living principles, you can navigate this phase with mindfulness and grace. Acknowledging the ebb and flow of energy and emotions during post-menopause allows you to adapt your routines and self-care practices accordingly.

  • Intuitive Self-Care: Cyclical living empowers you to cultivate self-care practices  tailored to your unique needs and desires. By tapping into your innate wisdom, you can adjust your nutrition, exercise routines, and stress management strategies to align with your evolving health goals.

  • Spiritual Exploration: Post-menopausal years often prompt women to reflect on their life's purpose and seek deeper connections to self. Cyclical living encourages spiritual exploration, inviting women to embrace rituals, meditation, or other practices that foster a sense of inner fulfilment and purpose.

  • Physical Well-being: Although post-menopausal women no longer experience menstrual cycles, they still experience hormonal shifts. Cyclical living can guide you in optimising hormone balance, bone health, and heart health through targeted lifestyle choices.

  • Life fulfilment: Post-menopause presents an opportunity for you to explore new passions and interests. Cyclical living encourages you to honour your evolving priorities and engage in activities that resonate with your current and future life chapters.

Embrace the power of the lunar cycle in your post-menopausal years, by joining the Flourish Beyond Program where you will receive holistic support for your nutritional, physical, and emotional well-being.

By stepping into this transformative journey you will experience a new-found sense of connection, empowerment and confidence to carry you through your wisdom years.


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Life's chapters are not limitations, but opportunities

for new experiences.

Launch Special

You're invited to join

1 cycle of Flourish Beyond (4 weeks) for $198.00 (regular price will be$. ) or

2 cycles of Flourish Beyond (8 weeks) for $378.00

One cycle of Flourish Beyond includes all features and benefits listed above and two cycles of Flourish Beyond includes all of the above plus additional online wisdom- sharing sessions, and a further four weeks of inspirational and motivational email support.

Flourishing Begins Here....

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