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Testing for
Food Intolerances

Are you confused or at a loss as what is causing you tummy bloat, digestive fatigue or digestive upsets?

Do you suspect that you have intolerances to certain foods but you just can’t pinpoint which foods they are?


Do you know that the answer lies within your body and finding the answer can be simple?

Through a process of muscle response testing the foods that are causing your particular issue can be identified


Once your specific intolerances have been identified, it is then possible to determine whether the root cause lies within the food itself or within your own body’s ability to adequately digest the food.


A Food Intolerance consultation includes:

  • Testing of 10 foods that you suspect may be causing your symptoms

  • A protocol that you will easily be able to learn and implement allowing you to identify the suspect foods yourself in future

  • Individualised nutritional advice and appropriate recommendations for gut health according to your test results

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