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The Live Well Club is ideal for you if


  • You know that a healthful life is one filled with vitality, abundant energy, nourishing food, a well-functioning body and positive mind

  • You are a busy woman who gives generously to your family, your friends, your career and your work colleagues. This seldom leaves enough time for yourself

  • You desire a better understanding of your body and the changes you are experiencing at your age and stage of life

  • You are curious about the seemingly unexplainable changes to the way you appear and the way you feel  mentally and physically as each year passes

  • You know it is possible to make positive changes but you find yourself on the path to self sabotage. Again. And you are so ready for this to stop

  • You know there are better options to what you may have in your pantry or fridge right now but desire inspiration and motivation when it comes to what and how you eat

  • You understand that movement, stress reduction, living a lower tox life and other things are so helpful to living well, but at times you get stuck with what to focus on and would be grateful for some guidance and accountability

  • You enjoy the company of like minded individuals who know there is a better way….

Members of the Live Well Club Will Enjoy:


Monthly Live Well Masterclasses on Zoom 

  • A different topic will be presented each month focused on supporting you to Live Well 

  • During the masterclass you’ll have  an opportunity to ask questions

  • Each masterclass will be recorded and shared in the member only Facebook group to allow you to replay at your leisure

  • Resources relating to the topic will be available in the Guides section of the member only FaceBook group

Monthly Q and A Sessions

This live FaceBook session allows you to ask any questions you may have pertaining to your health and wellness so that you can amplify living well!

Weekly Recipe Shares in the Facebook Group 

Eating can be a cause of stress for many busy women juggling all the things, so having recipes you can easily access that you know are in line with the Live Well principles, will make eating easier

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Weekly focus

This is your opportunity to set a goal for yourself, to be encouraged to achieve your goal and to be kept accountable so that you can create a life that’s focused on the Live Well principles introduced in any group program or 1:1 coaching with Lou 


For example, you might want to go to bed 20 minutes earlier each night, to spend ½ an hour outside each day, to include an extra serve of veggies each day or go for a daily evening walk....

Every goal is significant and having the group cheering you on can make a positive impact on your success and help motivate you on those days when things just feel too hard - we all have them!


The opportunity to share your wins - big and small is an important experience in the Live Well Club.

Collectively we will contribute to this being a place of encouragement, accountability, inspiration and abundant cheerleading!

Prize draw!

You’ll feel an abundance of love  for sharing your ideas, your recipes, your wins and your challenges!

FAQs - all the other important things to know!

When does the Live Well Club officially begin?

We officially begin together as a collective group of enthusiastic women living well on Tuesday18th October, 2022.

When is the first masterclass?

Our first group masterclass will be on Tuesday 25th October at 5pm AWST.

Are the masterclasses recorded?

Yes and the recording will be shared with the group in our private Facebook group.

How will the monthly Q&A session work?

You'll have an opportunity to add your questions to a dedicated post in the Facebook group. I'll then go live into the group as scheduled to answer all of them. If you join me live and have an additional question to ask there will likely be time for you to do that. The replay of this session will automatically stay in the Facebook group.

What is my investment to join?

There are three options to join at different investments. You'll be able to select the best one for you once you register your interest and get access to the payment link. 

The options are 

  • $34.99 per month if paid monthly (minimum membership term of 3 months)

  • $95.00 for a quarterly payment, billed every 3 months

  • $359.00 annual subscription, billed each year

How do I cancel my subscription?

All the details and other important terms and conditions are included below the buttons to join. Please ensure you read them, as one you make your first payment the Live Well Club terms and conditions take affect.

The Live Well Club Membership Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership of the Live Well Club is for a minimum 3 month term

  2. You can cancel anytime after your initial 3 months with 30 days written notice via email to . Please note that at the time you cancel your membership of the Live Well Club you will lose access to all content in the member only group on Facebook

  3. Membership fees are paid annually, monthly or every 3 months and billed on the same day of the year, month or quarterly date based on when your membership started

  4. Annual memberships are for a full 12 months. If for some reason you decide to cancel, no refund will be provided based on the time remaining on your 12 month membership. For example, if you choose to cancel after 6 months there is no refund for the remaining 6 months due on your membership

  5. Memberships and their specific inclusions are not transferable and cannot be shared. They are for an individual only

  6. Fees are in Australian Dollars, $AUD 

  7. Member fees are locked in for the lifetime of your membership, so no matter what future increases may occur you remain at this value packed investment rate for the life of the membership while you remain an active, paying member

  8. In the event that your payment fails at any point in time your debit or card will be automatically re-charged a few days later and this process continues until the transaction is successfully completed

  9. In the event that your payment is ever 30 days in arrears, your membership will be placed on hold and you will lose access to the member content. Once your payment has successfully been made you will be given access to the member group again and be able to join in the monthly activities. 

  10. If your payment is unsuccessful and your membership has been on hold for a period of 30 days your membership will be canceled. If you wish to rejoin it will be at whatever the current advertised membership rate is at that time

  11. All enquiries regarding membership should be sent via email to Please allow up to 5 working days for a reply

  12. Additional bonuses may be made available during the course of your membership. When and if this happens you'll be advised via email or within the Member only online community (private Facebook group) and there will be no additional charge for these bonuses. An example would be a guest expert masterclass or additional worksheets to support the monthly scheduled masterclass

  13. Guidelines will be provided as part of The Live Well Club member-only online community which will be delivered via a private Facebook group. The guidelines are designed to support all members to participate, be seen and heard. The group will be inclusive and respectful of individual opinions and act as a way for group members to connect, learn about each other, get questions answered and be supported. Any show of disrespect for another member will lead to an automatic cancellation of your membership. Differences of opinion are to be expected. Not everyone will agree. Respect your fellow Live Well Club members and the group will be a harmonious experience for all

  14. Additional opportunities to work with Lou Carbone may be advertised to you and where relevant any additional investment will be made clear. In many instances additional training and programs hosted exclusively by Lou Carbone will be advertised to the Live Well Club members as a priority with member only pricing made available at times, giving you abundant savings that are exclusive to members

  15. Lou Carbone and The Peppermint Tree have the right to cease offering the the Live Well Club membership at any time. In the event that this happens at some future date and you have invested in an Annual membership, a refund will be made in relation to the equivalent balance of membership you have paid less a $30 administration fee

  16. A copy of these terms and conditions and your membership inclusions will be available in the online Member community Facebook group

  17. By clicking your preferred payment button above, you agree to the terms and conditions and inclusions in your membership as outlined on this page

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