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Nourish & Thrive 5-Day Hormone Health & Nutrition Reset (1).jpg

July 31 - August 4th, 2023 

Nourish and Thrive is for you if:

✅ You know you could be eating better and a nutrition reset is just the trick!

✅ You know you will do better when you are part of a fun and supportive group

✅ You are bored with food and would love some inspiration!

✅ You feel sluggish and lacking energy and would love to spring into Spring!

✅ You want to shed some winter (or long term) kilos.

✅ Your hormones need some loving - maybe your cycle is all over the place or uncomfortable or maybe you are dealing with the challenges of peri-menopause or menopause.

✅ You suffer from bloating or other gut concerns

✅ You know it's time to nourish YOU!

✅ You want to thrive!

Nourish and Thrive is a 5 day group program which includes:

  • A welcoming and supportive private Facebook community.

  • Abundant downloadable resources including a 5 day recipe guide!

  • Two 40 minute masterclasses about nutrition and hormones with opportunity for asking questions.

  • A comprehensive guide to hormone-supporting foods.

  • Practical guide to reducing your body burden

  • A gentle detox which you can continue after the program.

  • Daily integrations to support your hormones.

  • Daily support via the Facebook Group.


Join Now - Nourish and Thrive!
July 31st - August 4th, 2023

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