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Possibly the most disregarded and misunderstood chapter in a woman's life

Yet, it is a period of years, that can literally determine whether she lives a life brimming with vitality and freedom from pain or a life of ongoing health challenges

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Often the challenges of perimenopause and beyond are dismissed as being "normal for your age" or simply "something you will have to get used to"😳

I call "bullshit"! 

Do YOU experience any of these symptoms?👇

Do YOU want to avoid these symptoms?👇

🌻Irregular periods which may also be heavier, longer or shorter than they used to be.

🌻Changes in body shape and weight that are seemingly unexplained.

🌻Feelings of anxiousness and excessive worry.


🌻Un-refreshing or disrupted sleep patterns.

🌻The onset of hot flushes and/or night sweats.

🌻Diminished clarity of thought

🌻Increasing forgetfulness

🌻Increasing cellulite

🌻Sore joints

🌻Increasing cholesterol

🌻Gall bladder issues

🌻Lower back pain

Then register for my life-changing masterclass here👇

Perimenopause and Beyond MasterClass

Monday February 27th @ 5:00pm

All registrants will receive the replay and accompanying notes following the live online event 

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