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Bio-hacks to optimise your health

Last week I wrote about bio-hacks to optimise your mental health.

This week let's talk about physical bio-hacks!

Some may appear obvious to you but the key here is consistency!


Low sugar diet – One of the greatest health hacks out there is ditching sugar. Stick to a diet that’s super low in sugar, free of processed foods and high in organic (or farmers’ market), whole, unprocessed produce and you’ll automatically boost the health and performance of your gut and brain. In the short term, you’ll push down blood pressure and blood pressure levels to a healthier place. In the long term, you’ll lower your risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Time restricted eating – One of the great and easy bio-hacks with a big payoff: a metabolism and a body that runs more efficiently. To do it, simply lengthen the day’s natural fast, the time between dinner and breakfast

Endeavour to allow around twelve hours between the two. For instance, eating dinner at 6:30 p.m. and breakfast at 6:30a.m. Whilst I am not a fan of intermittent fasting, unless you have a thyroid that is functioning perfectly, (no too many of these around), a smaller ‘eating window’ will encourage lower blood sugar, healthier insulin levels, healthier digestion a reduction in inflammation and better sleep

Supportive supplements Granted, nutritional needs vary from person to person, but in addition to eating a diet rich in healthy whole, foods, a few supplements taken daily can add additional support for the good things you’re already doing. Among the basic, daily must-haves that most people will benefit from and tolerate well are a good broad-spectrum probiotic, preferably one with at least 20 billion viable organisms; 1 -2 grams of a high-quality fish oil with EPA and DHA, vitamin C and D3 and magnesium

Movement – Sedentary lifestyles devastate health and shorten lifespans, so, in a word, move – and keep moving throughout the day. Whether you’re working from home or in a conventional office, find ways to weave in movement. Whether it’s doing a few flights of stairs, skipping, repping out a few sets of squats or taking calls standing up or walking around the carpark a few times a day, it all counts. Even toe-tapping, foot-wagging and fidgeting are beneficial to your blood vessels, and blood sugar levels – so don’t just sit there!


Genetic testing – Among the most helpful bio-hacks to tap into is health and wellness genetic testing, which provides insights into the functioning of your unique body, and can indeed lead you to a whole array of actionable insights into optimising your eating, exercise, lifestyle choices, and more. The information gleaned from these tests, empowers you to bio-hack your future over time – and down size risk factors by identifying your personalised lifestyle, nutritional, health and wellness adjustments to reduce risk

Blood analysis/biomarkers testing – Blood analysis provides evidence about your current state of health These tests can identify nutrient, mineral and/or vitamin deficiencies; high toxin levels; food allergens; inflammation levels, etc., which in turn, will help guide decisions on how to best treat those conditions based on the data.

Functional testing - From sex hormone & cortisol testing to food intolerance testing, functional testing can provide a clearer picture as to what is happening within your body helping you to better link various conditions or to understand how we

ll or otherwise your organs and bodily processes are functioning This allows the medical practitioner to tail

or a treatment plan specific to you and your body's needs.

Wearable technology – When it comes to biohacking, wearable devices like an Apple Watch or Fitbit, a Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor (CGM) are a way of collecting data about yourself, and learning how your body reacts to food, exercise, stress, sleep, etc. Wearable tech gives you real-time feedback on what you’re doing right and where there’s room for improvement. If you are drawn to data and tracking technology, the stream of stats on your steps, tracking heart rate, body temperature, heart rate variability, sleep patterns and more is a great way to keep your health goals top of mind. I personally however am wary about the EMF exposure that comes with wearing these gadgets for long periods of time.

See bio-hacking doesn't have to be some geeky expensive, gimmicky process. Alot of it is common sense - simple actions done consistently

Happy Healthy Wishes Always

Lou 🌸🤗🌸

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