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"Midlife Nourish and Detox" a unique self paced program for women in their midlife transition.

This self paced program is crafted specifically for women in their midlife transition phase because, as you may have already noticed, what may have worked in your 20's and 30's definitely doesn't serve you in your 40's or beyond!

Why, you ask?

Well, by the time we hit our 40's, our gut, liver, and adrenal glands need some serious TLC. They've been keeping up with our crazy busy lives, dealing with all the sneaky toxins in our environment, putting up with the not-so-nourishing meals on the run, suffering through long days and short sleeps and then, to top it all off, the hormonal roller coaster of perimenopause and the hormonal slump of menopause!

Whilst the midlife transition may bring greater wisdom, it also brings with it changes in the way we digest our food, compromised detoxification processes, less sensitivity to insulin and most commonly, estrogen dominance.

Midlife Nourish and Detox prioritises three essential pillars for midlife wellness and weight loss: hormone balance, liver health, and gut health. 

BONUS Module: Pantry, fridge and shopping lists

Phase 1: Fat burning reset

Phase 2: Banish the bloat: gut health

Phase 3: Love on your liver

Phase 4: Adrenal Abundance

BONUS Module: Maintain Your Mojo, how to continue from here.


Why is Midlife Nourish and Detox is designed to target belly fat?

After all, are we not all meant to love our bodies as they are?

Yes we are, and there is absolutely no body shaming here. 
However belly fat, particularly visceral fat, can be especially dangerous and is often a symptom of estrogem dominance, again something especially dangerous.

Let me explain why visceral in our midsection is so dangerous:

Excess belly fat, particularly visceral fat is associated with an increased risk of chronic disease, for example, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Visceral fat is metabolically active, it releases harmful substances that lead to conditions including inflammation, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, estrogen dominance, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. It saddens me that women are often at a loss when it comes to understanding why it may have appeared, ​often seemingly out of nowhere and how they can easily release it. I believe that every woman has a right to this understanding and a right to live a vibrant, energetic and long life feeling amazing every single day.

So why does this excess padding appear and why is it so hard to shift?​

Hormonal changes, particularly decreases in estrogen, can shift where the body stores fat. Additionally, metabolism tends to slow down with age, while stress levels may rise, promoting fat accumulation, especially around the abdomen. Dietary choices, changes in physical activity and disrupted sleep patterns during menopause can also contribute to this phenomenon.

Midlife Nourish and Detox is perfect for you if:

  • Despite maintaining a healthy diet, you struggle to shed excess weight, particularly around the midsection.

  • You frequently experience bloating and discomfort.

  • Unexplained food sensitivities are common occurrences for you.

  • You are uncertain about which foods are truly beneficial for your body.

  • Symptoms of hormonal dysregulation are affecting your well-being.

  • Menopause feels like an overwhelming challenge.

  • You've noticed the appearance of unwanted fat deposits, such as cellulite or an extra roll under the bra line.

  • Your energy levels are lower than you would like.

  • You are a midlife women yearning for a feeling of lightness.

  • You are experiencing symptoms of estrogen dominance

  • You have had your gall bladder out

  • You are challenged by insulin resistance

  • You want to live a long and healthy life.

  • You want to feel energetic and vibrant every single day.

You will enjoy:

  • feeling lighter

  • banishing the bloat 

  • incorporating nourishing smoothies, juices, and teas into your diet

  • delicious weekly recipe suggestions

  • eliminating foods that don't support your well-being

  • mindfully focusing on how and when we eat

  • showing your liver some love with our tailored approach

  • implementing protocols that support fat burning 

  • incorporating castor oil packs for detoxification

  • enhancing your regimen with suitable supplementation and optional essential oils

  • finding your ideal weight


Midlife Nourish and Detox includes:

  • Knowledge and information without the overwhelm and confusion.

  • Weekly recipes to tantalise your tastebuds and satisfy your soul

  • Pantry, fridge and shopping lists

  • Audio and video recordings full of enlightening information and easy-to-integrate tips 

  • Easy to implement protocols to enhance your gut health, liver health and hormone health

  • Suggested pathology tests to request from your GP.

  • A list of suggested supplements to support your hormones, your gut and your liver.

  • No craziness! This program is simple and sustainable so even the busiest person can honour themselves and work towards feeling more vibrant each day.


Q. Does this program consist of drinking green juices and lemon water all day long?

     A.Heck no - I wouldn't make you do anything I wouldn't do! Additionally, in terms of your hormonal health, this is not the best thing to do

Q. Will I starve?

     A. I sincerely doubt it - like I said above, I wouldn't make you do anything I wouldn't do!

We will be nourishing our body with beautiful fresh veggies, clean protein and even the occasional sweet treat!

Q. Is this just a weight loss program?

     A. No, definitely not.  The focus is gut, liver and hormonal health.  

Q. Will I lose weight?

     A. Most probably - an optimally functioning body leads to you finding your optimal weight

Q. Do I have to give up coffee?

     A. It is highly recommended, although not imperative, to forgo caffeine so you can recognise your dependance. 

I will guide you through the process of at least reducing, if not eliminating your daily caffeine fix

Not having caffeine will also show you how your body functions under the influence of caffeine. Wouldn’t it be incredible to experience how your body would feel without the influence of an addictive substance? This is your chance to find out. My clients frequently say they thought this would be the hardest part, but it doesn’t end up being as hard as they imagined

Q. What if this is not he right time for me?

     A. When is the right time?

Q. What if I fail?

     A.  You only fail if you don't start

Q. How will the program be delivered?

     A. Resources are delivered in the MemberVault platform and are available for you to download and keep forever.


Q.What are some signs that I may need to do this program?

     A. There are so many possibilities and these are some of the things that are signs pointing you towards knowing and trusting that a program like this is exactly what you need


🌱 elevated levels of fats (triglycerides) and cholesterol (primarily LDL) in the blood

🌱 build-up of fat in organs (e.g.fatty liver)

🌱 lumps of fat under the skin ie cellulite

🌱 unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight

🌱 ‘sluggish metabolism’

🌱 recurring digestive upsets

🌱 gallbladder trouble

🌱 intolerance to fatty foods and alcohol - do you have night sweats after drinking alcohol?

🌱 unexplained nausea or heartburn​

🌱 unstable blood glucose levels ie feeling hangry or mid afternoon slump

🌱 Irritability

🌱 overheating easily

🌱 recurring headaches or migraines

🌱compromised immunity

🌱 increase in allergies or food sensitivities​

🌱 skin irritations/changes

🌱autoimmune markers in your blood pathology

🌱 periods that are irregular, painful or just not right


Q. Will this program include juices?  

     A.Yes, a juicer or a high speed blender will be required.

Q. What if I am taking prescription medications?

     A. Great question! Please talk to your trusted medical practitioner before embarking on this program. Alternatively, book a private consultation with me so that we make make any necessary adjustments. 

Q.  What if I’m too busy?

     A. If you don't feel great now and you fail to address your warning signs unfortunately they simmer away until they become something more serious  When you honour yourself and recognise that your body is sending you a distress signal you are then doing for yourself what I'm sure you do for all those around you. You are showing love and respect, this time, for yourself.


Would you love to discuss your personal challenges and concerns in a private consultation with Lou?

Grab the VIP package for just $118.00 more saving you 15% off the regular cost of a private consultation.

👉Midlife Nourish and Detox: JUST $97.00!

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Midlife Nourish and Detox
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