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Hi I’m Lou, a certified Health and Hormone Coach.

Like you, I’m sure, my family and I have benefitted immensely from the amazing products that Young Living has to offer.

Health is a multi - facetted journey with a lot of learning along the way and should you be overwhelmed or confused maybe I can help

My Story


My story started a few years ago when menopause arrived in all it's glory, along with sleepless nights, hot flushes and even a frozen shoulder!


At about the same time my youngest daughter was diagnosed with PCOS and a genetic intolerance to synthetic fragrances

And to top it all off, each month at the start of her cycle, my other daughter would be curled up on the kitchen floor in agony and not a nice person to speak to at all!


With extensive changes to our nutrition, the elimination of many hormone disrupting chemicals in our home and the introduction of quality supplements and essential oils and I am happy to say that things are now much improved!



It was with deep disappointment and frustration that I realised that conventional medicine had no answers for us

In searching for answers my daughters and I often felt unheard, dismissed and disregarded

My frustration was such that I was determined that I never wanted other women to experience this same level of frustration and dismissal that my daughters and I did.

So, a few years forward and I am a certified Health and Hormone Coach with a passion for empowering other women with knowledge and tools they can effortlessly integrate into their busy lives so that they can experience hormonal harmony, vitality and wellness.

My coaching reflects that:

  • Women are cyclical beings and by observing their natural rhythms they can enjoy greater energy, better sleep, a weight they are comfortable with, glowing skin and a sense of wisdom and empowerment.

  • Society has sadly accepted the myth that a woman's menstrual cycle is expected to be uncomfortable and troublesome. 

  • Women are often disregarded and unheard by medical practitioners

  • Peri - menopause and menopause bring with them many challenges for which modern medicine often doesn't have the answers for

  • Many women suffer from seemingly unexplainable weight gain that is largely due to hormonal dis-harmony

  • Quality sleep seems to be elusive for many

  • Stress and anxiety are rife

  • Nutrition is often overlooked because it is either too overwhelming or the family is simply too busy to attend to their nutritional needs.

So how can I help you?

Would you like to book a Complimentary Wellness Chat to determine whether or not I can assist you? Click on the button to book a time.

Would you like to request a saliva test to measure your hormone levels? Click on the button to learn how this works, the cost and what you need to do next.

Would you like to take a look at my coaching programs?

Click on the button to discover how I can help you

Free Download - click on the button to get some get tips about hormonal harmony!

As a Young Living Member you are eligible for a 10% discount off all my coaching programs


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For inspiration and handy tips for feeling vibrant and well come join me on Instagram 

Or email me here

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