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Is This a Weight Loss Program?

YES and NO!

I can almost guarantee you will lose weight without dieting in all the overwhelming, this-didn’t-work kind of ways you may have tried before!

And, if weight loss is not your goal but a healthy, optimally functioning body is, then this program is also for you!



Already though, I sense you might be thinking, “but what makes this program different?”


As you are no doubt already aware, there are an infinite number of diets in the world claiming that you’ll experience lasting weight loss however, what is usually lacking is a focus on your actual health and wellbeing. 


Your weight is a symptom of a body which is functionally sub-optimally.  When your body is healthy, changes to your weight happen as a response to your body working optimally.

Think of it as an orchestra - if one part of the orchestra is dysfunctional and out of tune, the rest of the orchestra is compromised! 🙉

I frequently hear from women - clever women who have invested in their health and wellbeing numerous times - about how frustrated they are. They are often skeptical too. And at a point where they feel a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, as though nothing will work.


🌱 Maybe you get where they are at?

🌱 Maybe you feel some of this too?

🌱 Maybe you have paid lots of money for things meant to lead to lasting change and never experienced the results you dreamed of?

🌱 Maybe there were aspects of the diets, programs, methods and solutions that worked for a bit but then everything went pear shaped, including your middle, and what you were doing got added to the pile of  “tried it and it didn’t work!”

🌱 Maybe the problem was that the diets, programs, methods and solutions didn’t actually focus on what YOU really needed?

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 2.50.46 pm.png

🌱 Maybe they were generic and designed for anyone wanting to lose weight and improve health?

🌱 Maybe they didn’t take into account your hormones and the changes they are going through?

🌱 Maybe they didn’t provide true understanding about what actually impacts health, beyond what you eat and the exercise or movement you do?

🌱 Maybe you simply needed something that was designed for you, your body, your situation, your hormones, your goals and the desires you have about how you want to feel, function and look?

You may have noticed I referred to your hormones above.

More than once.

Are you wondering why I keep including them?


Let me tell you something often missed in other programs focused on weight and health.

They rarely consider your current hormone situation and the impact it is having on every part of your body.


Your hormones are responsible for the way anything and everything functions.

They influence how you think, feel and make decisions.

They direct organs in your body to function one way or another.

They impact how you sleep.

And they are continually influencing your weight.

Now are you curious?

YEP! - Then read on .....

NOPE - I’m happy the way I am!


If you answered with a "nope" then thanks for reading this far. I’m here anytime you wish to chat about creating an optimal life that’s full of health and harmonious hormones.


If you were a "yep" then let me tell you more… 

This eight week program includes a lot of loving thrown at your hormones and it also includes a very gentle cleanse.  We will simultaneously be nourishing and detoxing our bodies in order to optimise our overall health and accidentally either lose weight or sustain a healthy weight

What are our detoxification pathways?


Your main detoxification organs are your liver and your kidneys. Additionally, your lymphatic system, digestive tract, skin, and lungs also play a part in how your body detoxes. Together, these organs create detoxification pathways in the body.

Why do we need to support our detoxification pathways?


Stress, increased body burden, less than optimal nutrition, caffeine and alcohol, poor sleep and 24/7 “busyness”means that your body can  easily be overloaded and often unable to process foods and incidental toxins as efficiently as you need them to. This ultimately leads to a breakdown in the detoxification pathways within your body and an inability for. the body to function optimally.  Just imagine your hallway being jammed up with bags of rubbish - how could you possibly move from room to room efficiently?

You might be wondering if you actually need to do a detox and this is such a fabulous question. So here is a list of the  kinds of symptoms people frequently experience should they need to support their detoxification pathways.  If you have just a couple of these I would suggest a gentle cleanse would be ideal 

  • Feeling sluggish and lacking energy

  • Don't want to get out of bed in the morning

  • Tummy is bloated

  • Can't shift excess kilos, especially around the midsection

  • Get weird rashes and pimples

  • Feeling grumpy for no good reason

  • Worrying too much

  • Periods are painful, irregular, heavy, just not right

  • Sleep is restless and unrefreshing

  • Perimenopause/menopause is a nightmare

  • Got an extra fat roll under the bra line

  • Feeling unmotivated 

  • Headaches

  • Sore joints

  • Slow recovery post-exercise

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 1_edited.jpg

"I'm happy because I have lost a little weight but more than that I'm living a healthy lifestyle that is easily obtainable"


  Why do this program?


  • To give yourself and your hormones a big dose of love! If your body systems are running smoothly you are less likely to experience painful or irregular cycles, hot flushes, and hormonal weight gain that you have been told is just something that happens. It doesn’t have to be your reality!

  • To feel lighter.  Common sense really - if the rubbish is no longer weighing you down,  the load is lighter and you feel less of that heaviness that can be so challenging to carry around.

  • To think more clearly - yes toxins are stored in your brain! By gently supporting your detoxification pathways you are better able to make decisions and think more clearly. Farewell brain fog 

  • To move with greater ease - efficient detoxification leads to more supple joints and less inflammation. You will feel amazing 

  • To glow up your skin.  When you reduce the toxins that need to be removed your skin has a chance to shine!

  • To accidentally and joyfully lose weight - if your detoxification processes are working efficiently your hormones are happier, your gut is happier, your thyroid gland is happier, your liver is happier and the result is usually accidental weight loss that feels so good! 

What is included?

A coach to guide you every step of the way and ……

  • Meal guides to support your detoxification pathways

  • The elimination of various foods and abundant tastebud-tantalising recipes

  • A guide to making 3 delicious meals in just 30 minutes 

  • A guide to identifying your stress triggers and managing them effectively

  • A deep dive into your hormone health and how you can still feel great during perimenopause and beyond

  • Gut health protocol

  • Liver health protocol

  • Lymphatic support 

  • Tips for great sleep

  • A resource list of online suppliers where you can easily source quality, clean products and foods to lighten the burden on your body

  • Handouts to support your detox process including:

Suggested supplements 

Sexy salad guide

Clean food guide

Clean product guide

10 simple tips for daily detoxing                                                                                           

  • Support sessions delivered live - during which you can ask questions and get my support to make this as easy as possible. These will be recorded for easy access should you be unable to attend live on the day

  • The support of a private group where you can ask questions and access support materials at any time that suits you

  • No craziness! You can let go immediately of any thoughts of rigid rules and regulations that make creating the kind of health you want way too overwhelming and hard to stick with. This program is simple and sustainable so even the busiest person can honour themselves and work towards feeling more vibrant each day

  • Abundant cheerleading!

"I really enjoy the LWLW group because its a supportive environment with loads of helpful guides and references"

Together we will:


  • NOURISH our bodies with delicious, easy to prepare foods that support the daily detoxification process. You will receive recipes including my Detox Soup and Super Sexy Salad. We will learn simple “tweaks” to eating, the tweaks that I call my “one - percenters.” They add up to you feeling 100% amazing                                                                                

Healthy Food_edited.jpg
  • REDUCE AND REPLACE - we will identify where “incidental” toxins may be lurking in your foods and your household products and how they place an extra burden on your body.  You will receive useful and helpful resources so you can easily find simple and affordable replacements to reduce the toxic load on your body so that it may function optimally  

  • NURTURE your body and mind with simple 5 minute stress busters, We will develop strategies to encourage and create a more positive mindset. Did you know that your thoughts affect every cell in your body?  Negative thoughts and attitudes create chronic stress which upset the body's hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness and damages the immune system.    

"I am happy because already I've noticed that my clothes fit more comfortably, I have more energy and I'm experimenting with foods"


Q. Why is it a 8 week program? Does it really take that long?

     A. It takes time to create the kind of change that will last and positively impact the rest of your life. You know the quick fixes are frequently empty promises and they don’t work long term. When you’re choosing to change the rest of your life, 3 months of learning, making small changes and getting the support of a qualified and experienced health and hormone coach to guide and cheer you every step of the way, is a small amount of time to dedicate to your wellbeing


Q. Do I have to give up coffee?

     A. It is highly recommended, although not imperative, to forgo caffeine so you can recognise your dependance. 

I will guide you through the process of at least reducing, if not eliminating your daily caffeine fix

Not having caffeine will also show you how your body functions under the influence of caffeine. Wouldn’t it be incredible to experience how your body would feel without the influence of an addictive substance? This is your chance to find out. My clients frequently say they thought this would be the hardest part, but it doesn’t end up being as hard as they imagined


Q. Are there other things I need to do in addition to the program you’ve outlined here?

     A. It is likely I will recommend you get blood tests that can be organised through your GP. Some of these will be free, some will have a cost involved that you can discuss with your GP.  It may be beneficial for you to arrange a saliva test so we can see exactly where your hormones are at. This test will be at your own expense and I will explain how to arrange it if it’s deemed to be beneficial for you


Q. Will I have to take supplements?

     A. I will recommend various supplements in certain circumstances and explain their purpose. It is 100% up to you whether you include them or not


Q. How will the program be delivered?

     A. It will be delivered into a private Facebook group (so yes, you will need to be on Facebook!). There will be live sessions to join if you can and recordings if you’re unable to make any of the live sessions. This is also the place where you’ll be able to access additional resources, like handouts to support you every step of the way. This group is also the place to ask questions and seek additional support. Confidentiality is expected of all group members at all times because you feeling safe and respected by others is key.


Q. If I want to chat to you about something personal that I’m not comfortable discussing in the group, can I do that?

     A. The primary place for support will always be the Facebook group. If you have something you want to discuss with me and you’re not comfortable sharing that in a group setting then you’ll be able to book a 15 minute chat with me. I’ll share how you can do this and the investment for this 1:1 support. Alternatively, the program is also offered as a private, 1:1 experience so that could be something you can consider instead of joining the group program


Q.What are some signs that I may need to do this program?

     A. There are so many possibilities and these are some of the things that are signs pointing you towards knowing and trusting that a program like this is exactly what you need


🌱 elevated levels of fats (triglycerides) and cholesterol (primarily LDL) in the blood

🌱 build-up of fat in organs (e.g., fatty liver)

🌱 lumps of fat under the skin ie cellulite

🌱 unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight

🌱 ‘sluggish metabolism’

🌱 recurring digestive upsets

🌱 gallbladder trouble

🌱 intolerance to fatty foods and alcohol - do you have night sweats after drinking alcohol?

🌱 unexplained nausea or heartburn​

🌱 unstable blood glucose levels ie feeling hangry or mid afternoon slump

🌱 Irritability

🌱 overheating easily

🌱 recurring headaches or migraines

🌱compromised immunity

🌱 increase in allergies or food sensitivities​

🌱 skin irritations/changes

🌱autoimmune markers in your blood pathology

🌱 periods that are irregular, painful or just not right


Q    Will it take 8 weeks before I feel any better?

     A. Absolutely not! Even though everyone will experience different emotions and physical symptoms it is most likely that you will begin to see positive changes within the first 3-4 weeks which make you feel more motivated to continue!


Q. Will this program include juices?  

     A. If you’d like to include juices using ingredients such as beetroot, celery, carrots, green apples, lemon and ginger that would be awesome however, amino acids that are found in proteins are super important for supporting the detoxification process so juice alone is not enough

Q. What if I am taking prescription medications?

     A. Great question! Please email me the details of your medications during week 1 of the course.  It should not make too much of a difference but it is good to be aware 


Q.  What if I’m too busy?

     A. If you don't feel great now and you fail to address your warning signs unfortunately they simmer away until they become something more serious  When you honour yourself and recognise that your body is sending you a distress signal you are then doing for yourself what I'm sure you do for all those around you. You are showing love and respect, this time, for yourself.

Q. What if I'm away for part of the program?

     A. No problem at all, unless you are off the grid you will still be able to access all of the "lives" and current handouts.  This program is intended to be a "lifestyle program" .  You can still carry on with life as you love it and be devoted to a healthier more vibrant you!

Your Investment in You:

8 x $60.00 instalment plan (up until May 25th 2023)

3 monthly instalments of $160 each 

One off payment: $469

"Lou - thankyou🙏

I AM soooo over the moon grateful ❤️💕🙏⭐️ My body reminds me every to how much more powerful it feels (and that is just the physical aspect)."

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