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Midlife is a period in a woman's life during which her hormones can play havoc and deeply affect how she looks and she  feels. 

The midlife woman often finds herself gaining weight for no apparent reason and if she tries to shift it, it just won't budge.

She often hits the pillow feeling dog-tired at the end of the day and praying for a solid night's sleep only to find, once again, it's 2:00am and she is tossing and turning and her mind working even faster than it does during daylight hours!

Every evening she reaches for a glass of wine or a chunk of chocolate to help her wind down.

She moves through the day with a cloudy head, often unable to find clarity, yet somehow when manages to do ALL the jobs for ALL the people she loves and cares about, sometimes even the one's she doesn't care about.

When someone says, "you need to stress less", this makes her stress more, because how do you even stress less?

Her skin may be dry, she has no libido and for some reason her cholesterol is on the rise

She knows she should feel better but doesn't know where to start


Midlife Magic is a three week group program for women who want to harness their hormones

It is for women who want to:

🌸enjoy deep restful sleep,

🌸understand when, and what, to eat so that they can release unwanted kilos,

🌸breeze through their cycles without having to avoid wearing white pants or closing themselves off to the world because their headache is unbearable or because they're scared of what might accidentally slip out of their mouth!

🌸understand what supplements will best support them

🌸be empowered with the knowledge of what it is that is upsetting their hormones in the first place

🌸"lift the fog" and enjoy living a life of vitality and abundant energy

🌸Live Well

Perimenopause was a challenging time for me too! I experienced

  • gaining a "mysterious "roll" around the middle!

  • frozen shoulder!

  • cellulite that appeared from nowhere!

  • hot flushes!

  • lying awake for hours in the wee hours of the morning!

  • grabbing a towel to wipe myself down after yet another night sweat!

Thankfully, however, I am now armed with a toolbox of simple daily habits, knowledge about the the appropriate nutrition and exercise for a woman in this stage of her life, some wonderful supplements and life is good!

Not a week goes by, when a woman doesn't say to me, "Lou, I know my hormones are messed up but my doctor says they are ok, can you help me!"

Your hormones, and hence the way you feel and you look, are influenced by 

  • nutrition

  • exercise

  • sleep

  • gut health

  • your detoxification process

  • environmental pollutants

  • stress

During this three week program I will guide you through each of these factors so you have a clear understanding of how you can harness your hormones and LIVE WELL

Midlife Magic allows you to give yourself and your hormones a big dose of love! Midlife Magic supports your whole body so you are less likely to experience the painful or irregular cycles, hot flushes, and hormonal weight gain that you may have been told are "normal for your age".

Believe me, this doesn’t have to be your reality!

This program is tor you if:

  • you can't shift excess kilos around your middle

  • you are tired by mid afternoon

  • you crave sweet or salty foods

  • you get weird skin rashes

  • your cholesterol levels are climbing

  • you have gallstones

  • you don't sleep as well as you used to

  • you don't tolerate alcohol well - not even one or two glasses!

  • you forget things all the time

  • have sore joints 

  • you wake up feeling unrefreshed

  • your cycle is irregular, painful or accompanied by uncomfortable symptoms


"My mid-cycle headaches are gone now that I know what to eat"

  • How is the program delivered?

  • The four Zoom sessions are delivered live, during which you can ask questions and get my support to make this as easy as possible. These will be recorded for easy access should you be unable to attend live on the day

  • Informative files and guides will be posted in the Facebook group for you to access and download at your convenience

  • You will have the support of a private group where you can ask questions and access any of the support materials at any time that suits you

  • No craziness! You can let go immediately of any thoughts of rigid rules and regulations that make creating the kind of health you want way too overwhelming and hard to stick with. This program is simple and sustainable so even the busiest person can honour themselves and work towards hormonal harmony

"I hardly knew my period was coming, no PMS!"

Your Investment in You:


  • 2 instalments: $170 each or

  • A one-off payment: $329

Midlife Magic

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Midlife Magic
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