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In order that I can encourage other women to prioritise their wellness and specifically their hormonal health, could you please answer the following two questions.  

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Happy Hormones Program

plus Saliva Test and Private Online Consultation.

Understanding your personal hormone profile can save you money, confusion, angst, and time. This insight empowers you to determine the most beneficial supplements, exercise types, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments for your wellness, allowing you to feel energetic, healthy, and vital.

A straightforward saliva test, conveniently delivered to your doorstep and conducted in the privacy of your home, can detect hormonal imbalances.

In a follow-up consultation, you get the chance to comprehend your current hormone profile and explore how changes to nutrition, stress management, physical activity, and daily supplements can benefit you the most.

*Please note that this test is not suitable if you are taking oral contraceptives or any form of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Advantages of Saliva Testing:

  • Saliva reflects free, bio-available hormone levels (unlike blood, which measures isolated levels in your blood only).

  • Baseline hormone levels can be assessed, and appropriate nutrition and supplements can be recommended, monitored, and adjusted.

  • The process is simple, painless, non-invasive, economical, and can be done at home.

  • Specimens are sent directly to the laboratory without requiring special handling.

Hormones Tested:

This saliva hormone test includes the three estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA-s, and cortisol. These sex hormones, along with adrenal and thyroid hormones, exert powerful effects on the body. Understanding the function and levels of these hormones is a positive step toward creating hormone balance and achieving overall well-being.

Saliva tests can be ordered online through a medical screening company and are mailed to your preferred address. Once you've collected your sample as per the instructions in the test kit, you mail it to the laboratory using the provided reply package. Your sample is analysed by one of Australia’s leading pathology laboratories accredited by the National Association Testing Authority (NATA). Experienced medical professionals interpret your results, ensuring a safe and reliable service.

Once the results become available (usually 5-8 days later), you can book an online consultation to discuss your results and learn how to support your hormones effectively!

Your Investment for the Happy Hormones the Oily Way only:

Special "Oily" price $149.00


Your Investment for the Program with VIP Upgrade: $396.99

VIP Upgrade: 4 week program + Saliva test and Health Consultation 

Regular price: $149.00 + $198.00 + $139 Total $486.00

Happy Hormones the Oily Way
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