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Which comes first?

Often people think that if you lose weight you will be more healthy and whilst there is a lot of truth to this, what if you just can’t lose the weight you’d like to? Does this mean you can never be healthy?

What if I told you that you simply need to switch it around …..

Focus on being healthy first and a healthy weight will follow!

This is exactly how I am going to roll out my new 3 month group coaching program

And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to share it with you!

As you are no doubt already aware, there are an infinite number of diets in the world claiming that you’ll experience lasting weight loss however, what is usually lacking is a focus on your actual health and wellbeing.

Your weight is a symptom of your body not being optimally healthy and functioning as it was born to. When your body is healthy, changes to your weight happen as a response to your body working optimally.

Think of it as an orchestra - if one part of the orchestra is dysfunctional and out of tune, the rest of the orchestra is compromised! 🙉

I frequently hear from women - clever women who have invested in their health and wellbeing numerous times - about how frustrated they are. They are often skeptical too. And at a point where they feel a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, as though nothing will work.


Tell me, are you feeling any of this at the moment:

  • Feeling sluggish and lacking energy?

  • Don't want to get out of bed in the morning?

  • Tummy is bloated?

  • Can't shift excess kilos, especially around the midsection?

  • Get weird rashes and pimples?

  • Feeling grumpy for no good reason?

  • Anxious and worrying too much?

  • Periods are painful, irregular, heavy, just not right?

  • Sleep is restless and unrefreshing?

  • Menopause is a nightmare?

  • Hot flushes?

  • Got an extra fat roll under the bra line?

  • Feeling unmotivated?

  • Headaches?

  • Sore joints?

  • Slow recovery post exercise?

These are signs that your "orchestra" is out of tune! And because the orchestra is out of tune it is almost impossible to achieve a healthy weight!

In this group program we send some loving to your whole body. We will focus on

  • Gut health

  • Hormone health

  • Detoxification pathways

  • Sleep

  • Great nutrition

  • Healthy exercise and

  • Overcoming stress

And guess what?

There will almost definitely be ACCIDENTAL weight loss!

But! If weight loss is not your goal because you are already at a healthy weight, this program is also for you, your body will maintain a healthy weight and you will feel AMAZING

Do you want ......

  • To feel lighter? Common sense really - if the rubbish is no longer weighing you down, the load is lighter and you feel less of that heaviness that can be so challenging to carry around

  • To think more clearly? - yes toxins are stored in your brain! By gently supporting your detoxification pathways you are better able to make decisions and think more clearly. Farewell brain fog

  • To move with greater ease? - efficient detoxification leads to more supple joints and less inflammation. You will feel amazing

  • To glow up your skin? When you reduce the toxins that need to be removed your skin has a chance to shine!

  • To give yourself and your hormones a big dose of love? If your body systems are running smoothly you are less likely to experience painful or irregular cycles, hot flushes, and hormonal weight gain that you have been told is just something that happens. It doesn’t have to be your reality!

  • To accidentally and joyfully lose weight? - if your detoxification processes are working efficiently your hormones are happier, your gut is happier, your thyroid gland is happier, your liver is happier and the result is usually accidental weight loss that feels so good!

Your Investment:

Early bird once off payment of $349.00 (until July 4th)

Early bird 3 monthly instalments of $120.00 each (until July 4th)

Regular price $699.00 (July 5th onwards)

Want to know more?

Want to register now?

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