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Lou Carbone


Hey there, I’m Lou!

As a busy mum, my life has been challenging! I am one of those people who tries to cram 3 days into one because there’s so much fun stuff to do. As a Mum of young adults I love to fill my days with CrossFit, gardening, reading, going to the beach, cooking all the yummy food, craft, having brunch and lunch with friends and supporting my family. And, of course, my business and supporting the incredible women and families in my business with their health and wellbeing is a key priority. I started my working life as a primary teacher and after having my children I worked in the family business.

Now I am so happy to share The Peppermint Tree and all the fabulous wellbeing enhancing things I am excited to offer you.

A few years ago however, all of this was put on the back burner for a little while because we had an interesting ”health challenge” to attend to in our family. My daughter had physio tape wrapped around her feet in an endeavour to determine whether she required orthotics for her flat 

feet. This was a common course of action however what followed was not so common– she ended up with several blisters the size of mangoes on each foot! 

After being admitted to hospital and having treatment similar to that which would be applied to burns' victims the skin on her feet thankfully healed. 


We subsequently visited an immunologist who advised us to avoid synthetic fragrances. My daughter, at the age of just 13 had a toxin overload and her body had become sensitive to the synthetic chemicals found in our foods, personal care and cleaning products. 


This shocking discovery led to countless hours spent in health food shops, chemists and supermarkets scanning labels and searching for safer products for our home. As a family we learnt about “green washing” and inaccurate and unfair labelling laws and we learnt how to use Apps that identified potentially harmful ingredients, including hormone disruptors. This journey was eye opening to say the least.


We discovered that regulatory bodies and manufacturing companies have very little consideration for the potential side effects 

of many of the ingredients in common household products. In addition, we discovered quality “clean” products are not easy to find and often expensive and that here in Australia we still allow many chemicals that have been banned for some time in Europe and the US.


Fortunately for us, fate stepped in. A friend invited me to a workshop about essential oils, I said “yes” and on that evening back in August 2017 I learned how Essential Oils and Young Living products could potentially replace ALL the previous products containing synthetic chemicals in our home! 


This put an end to searching the shelves and scanning all the ingredients in the shops. 


It may sound a little clichè but that workshop was life changing! 


After learning many alarming facts including:

  • babies are born with an excess of 150 chemicals in the umbilical cord

  • many couples experience fertility issues

  • is more common than ever for girls to experience painful and troublesome periods

  • and so many women suffer from seemingly unexplainable weight gain

  • quality sleep seems to be elusive for many and 

  • stress and anxiety are rife, 

I decided to study Hormone Health coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition 


Our family too, has experienced many of the fore-mentioned concerns. We have however,  been fortunate to have had guidance, advice, and knowledge from an amazing support team of friends and professionals and now have a beautiful “toolbox” of wellness tools to support our bodies. I realised this is not the case for everybody. It has been my passion for learning and quest for knowledge that has brought me to this point, and now as a Health Coach, I can indulge in my passion for helping other women to achieve their health and wellness goals. 


Through my coaching programs I guide women to make small, sustainable and valuable changes so they too can lead their best possible life. I’m so looking forward to supporting the health and wellbeing of you and your entire family. 

The way I see it, life should be magical, vibrant and wonderfully splendid!

I look forward to supporting you in your personal journey.

Our "post health-challenge" life…..

My girls and I have pretty much got our hormones back on track and I now run “Women’s Wellness” workshops for other women who need to know this life changing information

There is not a single hormone-disrupting chemical in our household cleaning products or our personal care products

Our house smells amazing.

We’ve learnt to balance our chakras using a pendulum and essential oils

My sleep is sound and restful

I have so much more energy.


We nourish our skin with hand-crafted potions, lotions and serums and we smell amazing!

We and nourish support ourselves both emotionally and physically with "gifts" that are from plants

I have my own business as a Health Coach

I’m known for my scent! – People pretty much smell me coming before they see me!

My biggest desire is to welcome you here and to make it simple for you to find your sparkle!

Thank you for visiting my webpage.

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