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Are you in denial?

Would you rather pretend that the whole low-tox thing really doesn’t matter?

Maybe it’s just for hippies?

Maybe it’s just a money-making thing?

Maybe it will pass……..

Well SOZ!

It’s here to stay baby!

Here's a few thoughts to ponder

🔅Let’s start with insect sprays and air freshener sprays as examples

Have you read the cautions on the labels? Do they read ‘Do not inhale’? I wonder why that is on the label?

How do you not inhale something that is sprayed into the air, especially indoors?

But it’s only a little bit each time so does it really matter?

Yes it matters because chemicals can accumulate in our bodies - this is known as bioaccumulation

With repeated exposure, particular chemicals can build up in our body and accumulate to levels that are toxic. Nobody really knows what their own individual level of tolerance is until BINGO! One day it is clearly obvious and that day may not be a happy day at all!

Chemicals may not cause problems today, but long term they may create huge ones.

🔅Some common ingredients in our personal care and cleaning products are known carcinogens – take a look at the Environmental Working Group for more information

Again the comment is made, "But they are only present in small amounts so it doesn’t matter".

Well I beg to differ… if I ingest a small amount from a number of products every single day, in my mind, that adds up to A LOT!

🔅I speak to so many ladies about issues such as painful periods, infertility, irregular periods, moodiness, headaches, insomnia, brain fog and the inability to lose weight

Did you know that some chemicals in our everyday household products create havoc with our hormones?

These endocrine (hormone) disruptors are typically found in synthetic fragrances.

You may want to do a Google search about “synthetic fragrances and endocrine disruptors” or “xenoestrogens” to find out more

Did you know that companies don’t have to disclose the ingredients in their fragrance because that is their trade secret? Like WTF? There could be absolutely anything in their “trademark scent” but we, the consumer, don’t have a clue because they don’t have to tell us.

Would you eat an unlabelled, unidentifiable piece of food given to you by a stranger? That’s basically what’s going on every time you inhale a synthetic fragrance or put one on your skin. 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream!

🔅It’s on the supermarket shelves so it’s safe right?

SOZ! That’s the biggest bit of BS I ever heard!

Currently, tens of thousands of compounds have never been subject to safety tests because they were on the market before the Toxic Substances Law was passed in 1976. Approximately 62,000 chemicals that were already on the market at the time were simply ‘grandfathered’ in when the law was enacted, and the powers that be had little power, money or time to investigate them.

🔅Do you remember when asbestos used to be a legal substance and when DDT was quite liberally used in back gardens to kill off insect pests? Maybe you’re not old enough to remember but these were once perfectly acceptable “safe” substances that are now banned because they are known to cause serious health consequences

What’s next I wonder?

And btw there are over 1140 chemicals banned in Europe that are currently still ingredients in common everyday products here in Australia!

Time to get your head out of the sand!

I'm here to help because once, we were faced with a serious health challenge and we had to swap out our household cleaners and personal care products and at the time it sure wasn't easy!

Now that we know better I'm here for you so I can make your journey a whole lot easier than mine was. Click here to grab a copy of my guide: "Detox your Home 101" Simply type Detox 101 in the message box and keep an eye on your inbox👌

🔅🔅🔅We cannot eliminate the toxins from our lives completely however, we are the guardians of our own homes. We CAN decide what comes through the front door🏡

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