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But should you?

Today was quite momentous for me

It was the first time, by choice, that I haven't gone to CrossFit on a Monday in an eternity maybe even 5 years or so...


Because I felt tired and I honoured this.

But everything in my mind was telling me "I SHOULD go"

My mind was saying to me:

You should exercise...

You will feel better afterwards so you should go...

You've paid for the membership, you should use it...

You will see your friends there, you should go....

It's how you always start your week, you should go....

You tell your clients exercise is important so you should go

As a coach I also tell my clients to honour their bodies and question the "SHOULDS"

There are so many "shoulds" thrown us at every single day

I should prepare a delectable meal for my family every night

I should look my best all the time

I should do an extra course

I should help our more at my kid's school/sports club

I should write a journal

i should meditate

I should work more hours

I should go to that party/dinner/outing....

Seriously, if we do all the things we should do we wear ourselves out

Honour your body and mind and really think what benefits you the most

Here a few things you may like to ponder:

➡️ Plan nourishing meals and snacks that you can mange easily

➡️ Say no to outings, dinners and social occasions that don't nourish you soul at the present moment - there's always another time

➡️ Say "no" to that extra course, learning module for now if it doesn't really benefit you right now - there is always another time,

➡️ Ask yourself "WHY" you are doing something - is it really meaningful and does it benefit your mental, social, emotional, financial or physical wellbeing at this point in time?

➡️ Can this chore, activity, commitment, be done better at another time?

➡️ Choose exercise that makes you happy (I will be back at CrossFit tomorrow ;))

➡️ What is the worst thing that can happen if this activity, chore, task, obligation doesn't happen right now?

I'd love to know if you choose to say NO to something this week that you would normally say yes to - flick an email right back at me!

Healthy Happy Wishes Always

Lou 🌸😊🌸

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