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He said this over 2000 years ago!

"All disease starts in the gut"

Hippocrates, a Greek physician made this statement over 2000 years ago!

Like wow!

And he hit the nail on the head because we know now that your gut bacteria and the integrity of your gut lining can impact your health in so many ways,

Here’s a few:

The quality of your sleep

Your in/ability to loose weight

Your mental health

Your hormone health

Your energy levels

Inflammatory conditions of the skin, joints, bowel, or brain and nervous system.


Joint health

Insulin levels and diabetes

Cardiovascular health

Are bloating and an unhappy tummy both symptoms of poor gut health?

NOPE! Not always!

We can live in relative digestive comfort but still have less than optimal gut health!

What are some symptoms of possible sub-optimal gut health?

Bloating and gas

Abdominal discomfort

Runny stools or constipation

Mucous around stool

Skin issues

Hormone and menstrual cycle concerns


Seasonal allergies

Brain fog


Food intolerances

Weight management concerns

So, what can I do?

Start here:

Mealtimes: Relax when you eat and only eat!

No multi tasking at mealtime – chatting is permitted!

Chew each mouthful 20 times or more!

Next is diet. Eat what nature has provided. Stay away from processed foods

If you eat foods made by people in white coats you will need to visit a person in a white coat to make you better!

Stress Less Stress kills off all those happy little bacteria in your gut that are digesting your food and trying their darndest to extract as much nutrition from your food as possible

Reduce processed fats, processed sugars and processed carbohydrates These foods only feed the bad guys in your gut causing them to out-number the good guys

Move! Move around for at least ten minutes after eating – this helps your body to digest your meal more effectively

Environmental toxins Beware what you put on your skin, it may indeed end up in your gut causing issues such as leaky gut or killing off those happy guys (your good gut bacteria) who trying to digest your food for you!

Yes, it is possible you will have to do more but start here and never cease doing these simple


Do you have a question?

Fab! I love questions!

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Already doing all this but still suspect a less-than-happy-gut?

Fab! I love to help!

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