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"Hell Yes!"

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That is my response when asked if I take supplements!

It's an interesting question but I’ll give you 5 good reasons straight up:

1.The soil in which our crops are grown is over-farmed, malnourished and depleted therefore our fruit and veg don’t contain the vitamins and minerals we wished they did

> Given that food is less nutrient-dense than it was 50 years ago, a single person would have to eat 2-5 times the amount that they would have had to eat in 1940 to get the same good minerals and vitamins. (twice as much meat, three times as much fruit and 4-5 times as much veggies)

2. I am a busy person… I am a mum of three kids, I exercise, I work, i cook all our meals, I am an active person basically in a rush a lot of the time!

> my body needs support

3. I want to age gracefully

4. Fruit and veg from the store may not be fresh! They may be in cold storage anytime between 1 week and 6 months! Vitamins and minerals start to deplete as soon as the produce is harvested

5. I want to feel good e v e r y s i n g l e d a y and I am worth it!

How do I choose a supplement?

This is what I look for:

➡️Wholefood supplements that are easy for the body to recognise as food and absorb readily

➡️Supplements that are formulated cleverly so that the body is then more inclined to recognise them and absorb them. eg. Since magnesium works closely with calcium, it is important to have an appropriate ratio of both minerals in order for them to be effective

➡️For maximum absorption by the body it is best to buy powders that can be dissolved in water followed by capsules and then tablets

➡️Where possible I take supplements containing essential oils (only those approved by FSANZ for ingestion) because they are more easily able to enter through the cell membrane

➡️I look for supplements to support my hormones, my joints, my skin and my busy lifestyle

These are my NON-NEGOTIABLE supplements:

🌸 Magnesium When you consider that this mineral is involved in over 300 different processes in the body it’s pretty important that you have an adequate amount. Unfortunately our Australian soils are hugely deficient in magnesium so there definitely isn’t enough in our fruit and veg!

🌸Vitamin D Did you know that 80% of Aussies are deficient in Vitamin D?

This is generally because we Slip, Slop, Slap so efficiently and we block the rays that help our bodies produce Vitamin D. Vitamin D is key for promoting healthy bones and teeth; supporting immune, brain, and nervous system health; regulating insulin levels and supporting diabetes management; supporting lung function and cardiovascular health

🌸Omega 3’s Oh how I love these!

Omega 3 fatty acids are super important for mental health, happy hormones, keeping cholesterol and triglycerides at a healthy level, inflammatory response, brain health and so much more!

🌸Ningxia Red - My "health insurance" and "anti- ageing" whole food drink. The pic here shows me taking my daily "shot"!

If you are intrigued and would like to ask me anything please head over to the "Contact" page and shoot me your question. Health and wellness is my passion and I'm more than happy to help you

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