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Here's a sample - just one of the many tips I have for you!

My Reduce the Load mini course starts tomorrow and IT"S NOT TOO LATE TO JUMP IN!

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Here's one of the simple and affordable ways to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you use in your home

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How do you clean your wooden chopping boards?

Firstly, you do use a wooden chopping board don't you?

I forgive you if you are using a plastic one because we all know that wood is porous and plastic isn’t so you would be forgiven for assuming that plastic is easier to clean!

However, despite plastic boards looking cleaner and easier to keep clean, the small scars from daily use are a breeding hot spot for bacteria. They can quickly multiply if not cleaned properly and leave behind harmful toxins The tiny scars in plastic make it near impossible to clean properly meaning they will hold onto bacteria

With a wooden board, any moisture is drawn into the centre of the board where bacteria dies and can’t multiply. In a test where food was cut on boards then not washed, the wooden boards were free of bacteria the next day and the bacteria thrived on plastic boards. Wood does have natural antibacterial properties simply through its capillary action that wicks away moisture from the surface

It’s impossible to chop on a plastic cutting board without slicing the plastic and leaving visible scars. What you can’t see is that as the plastic is cut you risk putting microplastics directly into your food. Scars upon scars on a plastic board results in plastic fibres being released from the board -ewwwww!

When selecting a wooden chopping board choose one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Bamboo is a good choice as it’s very environmentally friendly, just remember to choose one that uses a glue without formaldehyde.

And here's another consideration... Once a plastic chopping board has reached the end of its useful life it will still exist for over a thousand plus years. A wood chopping board will totally decompose in a few years.

BUT what about cleaning?

Now that you are excited about using a natural, environmentally friendly and human friendly product to chop on how are you going to go about cleaning it naturally?

Do this! ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

There's absolutely no need to use disinfecting sprays or customised expensive solutions for wooden boards simply grab some coarse salt and a lemon!

Wash your board to remove any crumbs etc.

Sprinkle with the salt and use half a lemon to scrub in a gentle circular motion

Your board will be sparkling clean in every way with no chemical residue that may linger and later

be absorbed by your food

There are SO many synthetic chemicals in common household products that our poor bodies are often overwhelmed and our detox pathways just can’t cope 🤢

Some signs that your body may not be coping are:

➡️ Headaches

➡️ Skin issues

➡️ Lack of energy

➡️ Brain fog

➡️ Menstrual pain, cramping and cycle irregularity

➡️ Hot flushes

➡️ Fertility issues

➡️ Gut issues

Want to cut through all the BS, be an expert at label reading and reclaim your health?

Join my three week mini “Reduce the Load” course beginning 23/3/22

Hit the link below to find out more

Healthy wishes always,

Lou 🌸😊🌸

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