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“I feel like I’m halfway between a caterpillar and a butterfly”

“I feel like I’m halfway between a caterpillar and a butterfly” were my exact words to my biz coach last week

Did you know I was once a primary school teacher and then a sales manager for a printing company and then (and still now) book keeper for our family businesses?

However, 4 years ago when we fell in love with essential oils and all things low-tox I experienced so many “moments of magic” that I simply had to start sharing these experiences with my friends and family and this led to my very own biz called “The Peppermint Tree”

I love what I do, I connect with others via one-on-the one meetings, social media, in person workshops and online workshops. I educate and I offer tools to support their both their physical and emotional wellness and I help implement low-tox products into their homes

HOWEVER ……….right now I feel like I’m in that chrysalis stage between being a caterpillar and a butterfly!


Because, whilst I love what I’m doing at present, in 8 months time I will be able to share even more health and wellness magic because I am studying to be a “Hormone Health Coach”!

Hormone health and hormone balance are topics I already bang on about (passionately) in my workshops but I’m so excited that in the near future I will be able to offer even more support to my clients! Of course Young Living essential oils and low-tox products will still play a major part in my business as I regard them to be such amazing wellness tools but there will also be so, so much more……so stay tuned!

PS I’m so excited to be a “butterfly”!

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