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“I just want to lose a bit of my thickness”

“I just want to lose a bit of my thickness”

Many women have said this to me lately and it seems it's all about those few extra kilos around the middle that just creep up on you and then won’t budge!

Extra kilos around the middle are often referred to as ‘love handles” or “middle-age spread” and various other unsavoury terms. There are a number of reasons why it happens but believe me, these kilos can be shifted.

I myself noticed a bit of “thickening” around 5 years ago which surprised me because my eating habits were pretty good and believe me, I exercised a lot!

It wasn’t a primary concern for me at the time because other things were going on that I needed to address:

My sleep wasn’t great, my periods were all over the place, I was waking up tired and unrefreshed and eeeeeek, I had a little bit of incontinence going on when I skipped or ran 🙈

These annoyances, I knew, were signs that I needed to address my hormones!

What did I do?

  • I changed up my exercise routine so that it was more strength based rather than cardio oriented

  • I increased my intake of protein and healthy fats and decreased my intake of carbs

  • I started to take my supplements seriously – magnesium, omega 3’s, essential oils to support my progesterone and estrogen and probiotics

  • I eliminated all endocrine-disrupting chemicals from my personal care items – right down to my make up

  • I switched to cleaning products that didn’t contain any harmful, endocrine disrupting chemicals

  • I built in simple stress reduction routines into daily life

It all had to be simple for me to manage otherwise it wouldn’t happen but it did happen

And now:

  • No stress incontinence at the gym

  • Stronger, leaner muscle mass

  • No “love handles”!

  • Great sleep

  • Mental clarity

  • Menopause is a breeze – no hot flushes!

  • I feel AMAZING!

So what are the some signs of hormone imbalance that you shouldn't ignore?

  • Heavy/painful/irregular periods

  • Nausea prior to periods

  • Hot flushes

  • Extra kilos around your waist or just under your bra line

  • Increased cellulite

  • Food cravings

  • Forgetfulness

  • Mood swings

  • Feeling “hangry” if you don’t eat when you should

  • Waking up unmotivated or feeling wiped out

What can you do?

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