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The 3 foundations that I share with all my Health Coaching clients

Before I can start diving into bio-individual coaching programs with my amazing clients there are 5 building blocks that we discuss. These, I consider to be the foundations of a healthy, energetic and vibrant life.

1. Eat a good breakfast which includes healthy fats, a good serve of protein and if desired, complex carbohydrates. For optimal energy levels, breakfast should be eaten within 45 minutes of waking.

What do you eat for brekky?

Could it be tweaked? 🍳 🍅 🤔 🍽

Maybe you'd like to try this delicious smoothie

2. Prioritise sleep

Don't think you can catch up on the holidays or over the weekend.

If your car runs out of petrol on a Tuesday do you wait until Saturday to fill it up?

I think not!

Aim for 7-8 hours or more.EVERY night!

3. Ditch the toxins

Our poor bodies are commonly overloaded with toxins that are in our everyday household cleaning agents, our personal care products, our water and our foods. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!

These toxins are recognised contributors to the rise in both acute and chronic illness.

It's pretty hard to eliminate all toxins but reducing them in order to decrease the load on our bodies is definitely do-able!

Think about how you would feel if you continually had to sweep the floor, you'd never get anything productive done - it's pretty much the same with our bodies

➡️ Do you feel overwhelmed or stunned when you read this?

Keep reading ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce our first free Masterclass for 2022 - "Reduce the Load"

This 30 minute online class will help reduce the overwhelm around what's good and what's not

If you want help to ditch the toxins that may be the root of your

  • Fatigue

  • PMS

  • Painful periods

  • Brain fog

  • Weight challenges

  • Skin issues

  • Hot flushes

  • Headaches

Let me help you save time and money and write a brand new shopping list so you can begin working towards a brand new you!

No stress - if you can't join us "live" you will receive a Zoom link enabling you to watch it later

Healthy wishes always

Lou 🌸😊🌸

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