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I started a thing four years ago.....

Just for the heck of it I started a thing called the "Red Drink Challenge"

This was four years ago and guess what?

I'm still doing it!

The Red Drink100% resonates with all my beliefs about wellness and after drinking it for just 30 days ....

  • I found that I no longer had sugar cravings hence it was helping to balance out my blood sugar levels

  • I no longer suffered from any bloating so obviously it was beneficial to my gut health

  • My energy levels were on a lovely even level all day long without any mid afternoon slump, again thanks to healthier blood sugar assimilation

  • I wasn't catching all the nasties floating around - maybe because of the Vitamin C and the huge amount of antioxidants in NingXia Red! 😜

  • I knew I was feeding my body with an abundance of nourishment including essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that came in the form of a whole food that my body could easily absorb and assimilate without any synthetic flavourings or additives

  • I had been searching for a way of supporting my body for a long time because despite the fact that I eat well and exercise regularly and generally feel healthy I was aware of the extra pressure I put on myself as a busy Mum of three, juggling a couple of jobs and doing ALL the things! This resonated with me and my body loved it and I will do it for a long time to come!

So what is the Red Drink Challenge (also sometimes called the "Love your Gut challenge")?

It's a simple recipe that rehydrates your body and tissues in order to reduce swelling and inflammation in muscles and joints, and at the same time feeds you powerful nutrients to support your health. And if you suffer from any osteoarthritis, this may also help reduce any associated joint pain.

What do you do?

Twice a day you make up the following mixture:

1) 30ml NingXia Red juice

2) 3 x Sulfurzyme capsules emptied into the juice

3) 3 drops of Lime essential oil

Add these 3 ingredients to an empty NingXia Red bottle (or a 750ml glass bottle), and top up with filtered or spring water and drink!

(You can always make up both bottles at once and store the second in the fridge)

The concept behind this drink was created by Dr. Peter Minke, PhD. You can watch his talk on YouTube.

So show me the way!

If you already have a Young Living account here is what you do:

Place your regular Essential Rewards or Standard Order and include:

  • NingXia Red - if you consume the recommended amount of 60ml per day you will require 2.4 bottles per month. The cheapest way to consume Ningxia (per bottle) is by purchasing the Ningxia Essentials Rewards Bundle:

  • 1 bottle of Sulfurzyme

  • 1bottle of Lime oil

Join the Oil Temple Tribe Facebook Group for all the lowdown on why these products are so amazing and to help you stay accountable!

If you would love to offer your body a whole lot of nourishment I can show you how to open a wholesale account with Young Living and save yourself 24% when purchasing these goodies.

Simply reply to this email with a "Yes Please!" and I will get right back to you!

Want to know why we ❤️ the superfood, NingXia Red ?

Want to know more about Sulfurzyme?

Want to know why we 💚 Lime eo?

One of the primary constituents in Lime essential oil is D-Limonene and D-Limonene is something we all consider having more of!

Love and Healthy Wishes

Lou 🤗🌸🤗

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