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Tell Me What You Would Do?

"This is a dirty fish tank.

These fish are sick.

What would you do to help them get better?

Option1: Medicate the fish

Option 2: Clean the tank and put the fish in fresh water.

When most people look at this scenario they would quickly choose option 2

because it OBVIOUSLY makes the most sense.

Why don't we apply this logic to our own lives?

When we have health issues we often go to a doctor and get medications.

Then quite often we get medications to help with the side effects of the first medications.

We are often just living our lives addressing the symptoms of an illness and not the cause. We don't go to a doctor to find the cause and heal our bodies. Why is that?

Whether you struggle with

  • eczema or dermatitis

  • acne

  • painful or irregular periods

  • headaches

  • anxiety

  • fatigue

  • stubborn kilos that won't shift

  • autoimmune disease

  • sleep issues

  • fertility issues

  • chronic pain...

You need to clean out your tank and add fresh water. 🐠

If you are challenged about how to clean out your "tank" why not join me in a 3-week "Reduce the Load" mini course

The mini course includes

  • 3 "live" tutorials - you can participate or you can watch at your leisure

  • A supportive and friendly private facebook group

  • A "Greenwashing Guide" - Are you being tricked?

  • Tips for cleaner healthier foods

  • Suggested brands to make your home sparkle without the toxic gunk that you may not even be aware of

  • Suggested personal care products for your body that won't mess with your hormones - what are the ingredients to avoid?

  • Lists of chemicals to avoid

  • Apps and websites that are super useful and make it simple

  • Suggested online companies to make your shopping easier and reduce the time you spend on shopping

  • Samples!

  • Some simple DIY recipes that will make your home sparkle

My aim is to

🌸 MAKE it SIMPLE and fun

🌸 ​Reduce the overwhelm

🌸 Make it affordable

🌸 Save you time

Course starts 23/3/22

Investment $199

BUT ... If you sign up before 21/22/22 you can use this PROMO code and the course will cost just $159!

Can't wait to be working this this toxic maze together so we can clean up our tanks and all feel better together! 🐠

Lou 🌸😊🌸

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