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Well done hun.....🎉

Well done hun, you've

  • got all the kids to their training, games, music lessons, orthodontist appointment, school, ballet class, friend's sleepover, party ....on time, every day👏

  • listened to your partner grumble about how he doesn't like his work

  • cooked his favourite meal to make him feel better👏

  • scrubbed the dog's/cat's bowl because the ants were loving the food scraps 👏

  • stayed up a little later reach evening so you can get a "head start on tomorrow's list of jobs 👏

  • washed that sports uniform at midnight because it's needed tomorrow but for some reason didn't make it's way from the bathroom floor to the laundry👏

  • magically produced meals every .single. day for how long now?

  • tried to squeeze in some exercise 😞

  • tried to choose foods that aren't going to expand your waistline - what's with that anyway?😒

  • tried to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night- ha! How is that possible? 😒

  • tried to attend to all the crappy little things that stress you out 😞

  • tried all the self-help podcasts, courses, workshops, yoga courses, ..... but never make it past day 2!😐

When are you going to pause being someones' mother, daughter, sister, wife and respect your desires, wishes, needs, wants?

This is a discussion I have with SO many ladies (and even myself!)

Here are a couple of tips that I shared with one of my clients last week:

1. Choose the one thing that will make a difference right now and focus only on that one thing

  • Is it going to bed half an hour earlier?

  • Is it exercise?

  • Is it eating breakfast?

  • Is it less coffee?

2. Make a plan - how is this going to happen?

Will you need to:

  • Set an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is 9pm and time to brush your teeth, put your phone away, shower and get into bed?

  • Ask your partner or kids to help out?

  • Have dinner half an hour earlier?

  • Start with small chunks of time, like 20 minutes. You can definitely work up a sweat in 20 minutes

  • Fill your blender cup with your protein smoothie ingredients in the evening so all you have to do for breakfast is blitz and pour into your travel mug?

  • Swap out one coffee for either a green tea or big glass or water and a handful of nuts?

Small things done consistently over a long period of time = big changes

If you keep saying, “I’ll start next week or next month" or "I'll start soon...” and you know doing it alone is one of your biggest hurdles, one of my individualised programs is the ideal starting point for you


Putting things off shows that you haven’t yet prioritised YOU but it doesn't have to be this way.

Click the button below to see how my individualised programs can help you👇

Oh, and one more tip! Don't put YOU off until the New Year - because seriously, what is going to change between now and then? (And my prices may go up!😜)

Reply to this email telling me one change you are going to make this week🙏

Happy Healthy Wishes Always

Lou 🌸🤗🌸

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