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Your bloods are normal👌 You are OK!

How many times have you been told by a health practitioner that

👉 "Your bloods are normal, everything is ok",

👉 or worse still, "Oh it's just a stage, everyone goes through it, it's normal for your age"

👉 or "I can write a prescription for......"

This experience is one that my clients share with me nearly every. single. day!

But these women are smarter than that:

🌸They don't want to feel "normal", they want to feel vital and alive

🌸They know there is a better way

🌸They don't want to mask the symptoms with a prescription medication

So often they turn to me for advice 🤗

If they have results from recent blood tests I ask them to share them. At a glance, I can often see where there may be deficiencies or where the results may certainly fall within the "normal" range but certainly not the "optimal" range.

The "optimal range" is where we want to be for good health, vitality, energy and longevity.

The "normal range" is simply symptomatic of the population at large and given that disease and sickness is on the rise in the population at large I don't want to be "normal"

Sometimes, I admit, the battle is actually asking your doctor for the blood tests that you require

If you are displaying symptoms such as

  • increasing fatigue

  • a change in your menstrual cycle

  • unexplained weight gain or weight loss

  • a change in your sleep patterns

  • hair loss

  • new skin issues

  • food cravings

...these are all valid reasons to ask for a comprehensive set of blood tests

I advise that you explain to your doctor, exactly how you are feeling; for how long these symptoms have been presenting and offer to pay for any tests that are not covered by Medicare

Below is a list of recommended blood tests 👇

Look our for next week's email because it will include a list of optimal results!

If, however, you'd like some info before then click on the button below:

Blood Tests:

>Iron Studies

>Liver function

>Lipid Panel -total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL

>Thyroid studies - TSH , T4*, T3*, ReverseT3* and thyroid antibodies if you have symptoms of autoimmune disease

>Hormone panel (useful but not entirely accurate FSH, LH, Estrogen, DHEA, Testosterone

> Cortisol * (Stage 3 stress will show low cortisol in the morning)

>Vit D

>Vit B12*


>Fasting blood sugar markers

If you have recent blood test results that you'd like to discuss click on the pink button below to make your one-off payment and to book 45 minute appointment

As a Health and Hormone coach I will offer advice regarding

👉optimal results for your age and stage

👉lifestyle, nutrition and supplements to support you

If you are receiving an email from me for the first time, YAYYYY!

I look forward to providing you with more inspiration in future. 🤗

If however, your Inbox is already full enough, feel free to click the "unsubscribe" option.😉

Happy Healthy Wishes Always

Lou 🤗🌸🤗

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