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It Doesn't Have to be Complicated!

Who would have thought that in this complicated world of ours, where there is a gadget for absolutely everything, that there would be something so simple that can have such a profound effect on our physical and emotional being?

What I am referring to is "diaphragmatic breathing", or "belly breathing", as it is also referred to

It's free! It's simple and It's an amazing support for your body in SO many ways!

Curious to know why?

Diaphragmatic breathing activates your "rest and digest" response otherwise know as your parasympathetic nervous system

In fact, a 2019 study found that in people over 18 years old, diaphragmatic breathing lowered stress hormone levels, blood pressure, and self-reported stress levels.

Ultimately, diaphragmatic breathing has been linked to:

  • Slowing the heartbeat

  • Decreasing the production of cortisol

  • Lowering or stabilising blood pressure

  • Weight loss

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Boosting energy

In turn, all of these have a flow-on effect to other systems and parts of your body

And best of all, it's free and it's simple!

Want to know how?

Sit or lie down comfortably.

  • Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly.

  • Take three normal deep breaths through you nose

  • Notice how much the hand on your chest is moving.


  • Inhale through your nose for 4 seconds.

  • Focus on expanding your belly rather than your chest.

  • Exhale completely through your mouth for 5 - 6 seconds.

  • Repeat this breath cycle for 2 minutes.

If you feel lightheaded while practicing, you can speed up your breaths. The goal is just to have your inhale be a little shorter than your exhale.

This practice may feel uncomfortable in the beginning especially if it's different from the way you normally breathe. Consistent practice will result in it feeling more normal

Quick tip: To remind yourself to practice diaphragmatic breathing regularly, you can set a phone alarm for specific times of the day, such as on your way to work, at lunchtime, or before bed.

If you would like a visual demonstration watch this little video

My Live Well and Lose Weight program which starts NEXT WEEK is full of simple tweaks and tips such as this!

During this program we focus on optimal health which will naturally result in your body finding a healthy weight What's in this 3 month program?:

  • Meal guides to support your detoxification pathways

  • The elimination of various foods and abundant tastebud-tantalising recipes

  • A guide to making 3 delicious meals in just 30 minutes

  • A guide to identifying your stress triggers and managing them effectively

  • A deep dive into your hormone health and how you can still feel great during peri-menopause and beyond

  • Gut health protocol

  • Liver health protocol

  • Lymphatic support

  • Tips for great sleep

  • A resource list of online suppliers where you can easily source quality, clean products and foods to lighten the burden on your body

  • Handouts to support your detox process including:

- Suggested supplements - Sexy salad guide - Clean food guide - Clean product guide - 10 simple tips for daily detoxing

Fortnightly support sessions delivered live - during which you can ask questions and get my support to make this as easy as possible. This will be recorded for easy access should you be unable to attend live on the day

  • The support of a private group where you can ask questions and access support materials at any time that suits you

  • No craziness! You can let go immediately of any thoughts of rigid rules and regulations that make creating the kind of health you want way too overwhelming and hard to stick with. This program is simple and sustainable so even the busiest person can honour themselves and work towards feeling more vibrant each day

  • Abundant cheerleading!

Want to know more?

Hit the button here!

Love and laughter always,

Lou 🌸😊🌸

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