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What do you think a detox is?

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Back in the day I was terrified of detoxes because they were, and in some cases, still are, portrayed as these gut wrenching, starvation inducing, juice drinking periods of deprivation!

Hence, I never "did a detox"!

What has your experience of detoxing been?

I'm happy to say that I now know better and I'm so excited to introduce you to a much more comfortable, manageable and even, pleasant way, to release unwanted toxins and to gently support your detoxification processes 24/7!

My 3 week Detox and Release program will have you getting into flow every morning using a powerful 90 second breathing and tapping sequence - yep 90 seconds! I'm not into anything that clogs up your precious time any more than it needs to!

  • I will provide you with a 14 day meal plan from which you can choose beautiful meals to complement our Aussie Summer

  • Your shopping will be simple because I will give you a shopping list!

  • Juices will be included but you won't need a juicer

  • Your body will be supported and encouraged to release all that is no longer needed

  • Cravings will disappear

  • Bloating will be a thing of the past

  • Fluid will dissipate

  • Hormones will be happier

  • Your skin will glow

  • Your immune system will be supported

  • You may release unwanted weight

  • You will have daily guidance

  • You will be able to ask a zillion questions

  • You will have notes and resources to keep forever

Your detoxification organs and processes will be supported on a daily basis and if you maintain the simple habits and behaviours after the three week program you will never "have to go on a detox" again!


Did you say, "This is not a great time for me to do this?"

👉 When would be a great time?

Did you say, "This would be impossible because I still have to feed the family"?

👉 Most of the meals are family friendly!

👉 Have you ever heard an air steward saying, "Put your own oxygen mask on first"?

Did you say, "I can't afford this right now"?

👉 Your health is your wealth!

👉 One of my past clients popped a few of her unused household items on FaceBook Marketplace and BINGO, had the funds to pay for her coaching! 👏👏👏

No excuses! You are worth it and now is the perfect time!

Happy Healthy Wishes Always

Lou 🌸🤗🌸

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