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Itchy skin and grabbable bits!

Ewwww! I have experienced both of these recently (in the last 6 years) and believe it or not, both times it was my body saying to me,

"Girl, you've got to check out where your hormones are at!"

The extra grabbable bits I'm referring to was fat around my hips. 😩

At the time I thought it was rather weird because I was exercising and eating well.

What I wasn't aware of at the time, but thankfully I am now, is that I needed to address my adrenal health and my hormones, in particular estrogen dominance!

The itchy skin episode was around 11 months ago after having a couple of vaccinations which shall remain nameless! At the time I was convinced that it was something I was eating but after consulting with my naturopath, once again we discovered it was again, my hormones! 😳

Our busy, on-demand lives full of worry and constant little stressors during which we often grab convenience foods, seldom prioritising sleep, self care or appropriate exercise can result in overworked adrenal glands that are simply unable to produce optimal amounts of hormones and in particular, the hormone, progesterone

This results in estrogen dominance.

If you've read previous blogs you may recall that it's all about balance and ratios when its comes to our sex hormones and it is vital that we endeavour to have a healthy estrogen:progesterone ratio!

I wonder if you may have estrogen dominance?

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms it could be possible:

  • Fatigue

  • Irregular periods; very heavy or very light periods

  • PMS or PMDD

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight

  • Accumulation of fat around the hips, belly, and thighs

  • Sub optimal thyroid function - (refer to blood tests for TSH, T3, T4, RT3 and autoimmune markers)

  • Tender or swollen breasts

  • Breast cysts

  • Blood sugar imbalances

  • Mood swings; irritability

  • Infertility

  • Bloating

  • Headaches

  • Depression; low mood; anxiety

  • Dry or itchy skin

  • Trouble concentrating; brain fog

  • Diagnosis of endometriosis

  • Diagnosis of an autoimmune condition

  • PCOS

Can we change this?

Of course we can!

We need to nourish our adrenals!

We can

🌱make simple changes to our lifestyle

🌱make a few tweaks in our nutrition

🌱take targeted supplements

🌱make appropriate changes to the way we think about things

None of it is rocket science but boy, does it make a difference!

Let me tell you when those grabbable bits around my hips melted away and my itchy skin subsided I was SUPER happy but there were side benefits too....

  • I slept better!

  • I no longer felt like a nap at 4pm!

  • I had greater clarity of thought and

  • I felt more relaxed!

If you suspect that your adrenals need some loving but you missed my

Adrenal Abundance Masterclass last week you can grab it now from my shop!

It's bundled up nicely with a great 10 page e-book full of tips and recipes to help you shed some loving on your adrenals.

Happy Healthy Wishes Always

Lou 🌸🤗🌸

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